Home Care

  1. Take off your headgear and/or rubber bands if you are wearing them.
  2. Position the brush with the rows of bristles straddling the archwire
  3. For the outsides of the upper teeth: point the bristles downward, angling them against the gum.
  4. For the outsides of the bottom teeth: close your teeth and point the bristles upward, angling against the gum.
  5. For the insides of the back teeth: hold the brush horizontally.
  6. For the insides of the front teeth: hold the brush vertically.
  7. Brush with a vibrating, circular motion, 10 strokes, two teeth at a time.
  8. Run the brush along your archwires carefully and slowly.
  9. Brush the chewing surfaces.
  10. Use a disclosing tablet if prescribed by your dentist to locate plaque, the harmful bacterial deposit that causes decay and gum disease.
  11. Use floss as directed by your doctor.
  12. Use a water irrigating device if recommended by your doctor
  13. Look in the mirror. Use a dental mirror as well if you have one.
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